This is an example of the planner that is sent to  all our wedding  clients.  On this planner is some basic information that is filled out and sent back to us approximately a month before your wedding date.  You will then be contacted to talk or meet with us to go over the provided information to make or add any changes necessary.  This is done to insure your reception will run smoothly and no special moment will be missed. ( The information on this page may be updated or added too, so actual copy you receive may appear somewhat different.)

                                              Reception Planner
To serve you better, here’s a general idea of the things we will discuss before your wedding and to help me make the evening a success.  Thank You and I’ll be talking to you soon.                      

                                        Grand Entrance: How would you like to be introduced?

                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs.           ________________________________

                                                                                    Introduction song: _______________________________
                                                                                                       ( I can pick one if you have no preference )

                                                                                                     Bride & Groom First Dance

                                                                                       Song: Title___________________ Artist ______________ 

Father/Daughter Dance

Suggestions:  I Loved her First                           Heartland
                                              My Father’s Eyes                                    Amy Grant                         
                         Daddy’s Little Girl                                  Al Martino    
                         My little girl                                             Tim McGraw
                            Unforgettable                                         Nat King Cole
                         Because you loved me                         Celine Dion
                   Lullaby  (Goodnight my Angel)            Billy Joel


            Mother/Son Dance

Suggestions:   Through The Years                       Kenny Rogers
                               Because You Loved Me                Celine Dion    
                                    What a Wonderful World                Louis Armstrong
                                   Simple Man                                      Lynard Skynyrd
                         You’re my inspiration                        Chicago
                                 Song For Momma                          Boys II Men      

                     Wedding Party Dance

Suggestions:    Through the Years                    Kenny Rogers
                           Friends In Low Places                   Garth Brooks
                                     Me & My Gang                              Rascal Flatts         
                                   That’s What Friends Are For           Warwick & Friends
                                    Find Out Who your Friends are         Tracy Lawrence        

                                                  Bouquet/ Garter  Toss:       Y/N                   Chicken Dance:           Y/N

                                                  Garter Exchange:                Y/N                   Money Dance:             Y/N
                                                   Hokey Pokey:                     Y/N                   WALTZ                         Y/N                                                      
 Polkas      Y/N    

                                                                                                                             Song Request List

                                                 Dinner music, unless otherwise requested will be light jazz, or piano type love songs. 

                                      Before  your grand entrance and after dinner while you are mingling with guest, easy listening music                                         is usually played.

                                                                    Are there any styles of music or certain songs you do not want played      
                                                                    ( Remember we want everyone to have a good time, even Grandma )

                                      Please list a few of your favorite songs,  must play or any other special songs that you  need  played                                         at your event.

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