Sound Experience Specializes In Wedding Receptions !

      What does this mean ?  You do not learn how to DJ and MC weddings in a radio class or nightclub. No matter how good you are,  weddings are a different  type of event that  call for a more organized and prepared  disc jockey, one who puts the attention on you and not himself. Sound Experience has focused on weddings for many years, in fact,  weddings make up more than 98% of  all our events. We have  worked closely through the years  with several different  wedding coordinators,  vendors,  and even other professional  wedding disc jockey companies in the area.  Sound Experience has also attended MC and wedding workshops to give us the knowledge and ability to be one of the top wedding entertainment services in the thumb area.     


                                                  What Makes Us Different?

        With Sound Experience you will always get the knowledge of a professionally trained radio disk jockey and sound engineer.   We pride ourselves on our knowledge of sound, not just the equipment but also how sound itself works.  We understand how sound  its effected by reflections in the room due to walls,  ceilings,  glass doors,  windows, and yes even people.   Many times bad speaker placement,  poor quality equipment, or  cheap / worn speakers  can be the blame for a bad disc jockey experience.  But mostly, its  just a lack of audio knowledge  and inexperience.                            
        Sound Experience  uses several different types of speakers and will use the proper style and size needed for each event, by doing so we can  properly adjust the speakers to the room . This means the volume will be just right,  free of distortion,  and never overpowering for your non dancing guest.  Of course, it also means your DJ , when he speaks,  will be clearly heard and understood.   Our equipment is always well maintained and never will be used if it doesn't perform to Sound Experience standards. We use nothing but professional high standard equipment, and will never use a brand only for its name or bargin cost.     With Sound Experience,  you'll  "Hear The Difference !"


      We do this because we love it. The trend it seems now,  is for a DJ to show  up  plop a laptop down and sit behind it all night.  Some programs will even do all the mixing for the DJ, he just creates a list and let it go.  We don't want to be that guy,  we love mixing live and creating a energetic feel on the dance floor, we want to be involved and interact with your guest making  your night something they will talk about for years to come.  If you let us, we can help lead your guest in all  their  favorite dances,  teach them the ones they don't know,  and  perhaps  have fun with them even as they sit waiting for dinner.   We want to be part of the family when the night is over, not just a great DJ company.   Its your night, we will do as much or as little as you want,  but I say.......LETS HAVE SOME FUN !!

                                                                DJ Billy James 
 Sound Experience was formed out of Bill's love for music, his joy for entertaining and his hatred for poor quality sound.  Bill has taken two years of  broadcasting, has been professionally trained at mixing and sound engineering and is also an accomplished musician, singer and song writer.


                                                DJ Kristell
        Wanting to have something they could do as a team,  Bill trained his wife Krystal on set up and tear down of equipment,  both sound and lighting.   After a while Krystal got tired of Billy  having all the fun mixing  and said it was time for her to learn to mix..... and a monster was created.  Krystal not only now knows all the fundamentals of sound,  she has become a great mixer as well . She can flawlessly cross fade and transition  between tracks and  beat match effortlessly,  creating that perfect blend of high energy non stop  music.   

            Phone   989-621-9277                         E-mail    dj_soundx@yahoo.com                                                


Michigan DJ

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